Why Kanal Invest?

Why Kanal Invest?

Kanal Invest provides significant and unique benefits for its proprietary accounts investors 

1. Kanal Invest is focused on Aegean and Southwest Coast region of Turkey, which have the best climates, one of the best transport infrastructures and some of the highest property related demand. Kanal Invest knows the regions, knows the market, and knows the infrastructure and economic context. 

2. Kanal Invest concentrates on shore areas, recognized to be demonstrating dependable growth, and with a great deal more potential yet to be realized. 

3. Kanal Invest investment projects are both feasible and safe. They specifically exclude any new residential content that may be prohibited in rural areas. They are carefully planned to be environmentally sensitive, economically beneficial to local communities and to be welcomed by planning authorities at local and regional level. Kanal Invest's investment opportunities are also carefully investigated to ensure clear and dependable ownership title, free of any possibility of challenge or seizure. 

4. Kanal Invest acts as land investment consultants, both investigating and appraising land whilst devising the best/optimum development strategy to generate market interest. An experienced and professional team is commissioned to draw up an appropriate scheme, receiving planning consent and adding significant value to the initial investment. 

5. Kanal Invest structures its land investment opportunities so as to enable private and group investors to diversify their portfolios and participate in sizeable projects at an affordable price. 

6. Kanal Invest projects provide safety and security. As an acquisition strategy, we have full focus on distressed assets.

Kanal Invest actively encourages clients, their lawyers, accountants and bankers to discuss the basis for investment, or any legal or financial aspect of it, providing an impartial and expert opinion.