Why Invest in Land?

Why Invest in Land?

Land is the basis of all wealth. 

Most people think investing in land is only for big-time real estate developers looking to buy large parcels of land for commercial development or the subdivisions of homes. What they don’t realize is that investing in land is one of the most sound investment strategies available today and is a viable opportunity for most investors, both large and small. 

Common investment options available to a private investor are investing in Stock Market, Precious Metals, Business and shares. An investment in land can show considerable advantages compared with the other options, and has been consistently recommended by investment professionals and advisors. 

Unlike stocks and shares, the land buyer will always have a tangible investment they can touch and use. Furthermore, due to its limited supply and demand, one can also rest assured that land values will almost always be on the rise, having already increased eight fold in value over the last twenty years. 

Land does not fluctuate according to stock market whim or economic policy. It has a dependable 'bottom line' value as a finite resource and that value will tend to rise, because of a sustainable and growing call for it. This is the most basic of market force mechanisms - supply and demand. So it is extremely unlikely that any land investment will decrease in value - unlike other investments that can fall as well as rise. 

Making money in land investing is all timing.Therefore, It is not a volatile short-term 'turn-around' speculative venture and that is to its advantage. 

Kanal Invest plans its land investment that is well positioned in the path of future development and that will naturally show enhanced growth. Land that receives development permission, against a carefully engineered proposal, will show significantly increased growth. 

Kanal Invest offers investment in land located in the path of development/pre-development.

Sound reasons why an investment in land should also be considered as part of pension planning - dependable growth with no administrative charges that erode value.